Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Fall is here!

So excited! Fall is here, the rains have poured (literally) and the air smells completely refreshed. I waited outside this afternoon for C to get off the bus, yes he's in school AND riding a bus, and the breeze picked up and it was sooo cold but crisp. Absolutely wonderful!

I get pretty busy in the fall. I love the age old tradition of preserving foods. Don't know how or why that particular bug bit me but it has and it is fun. My mother in law and I put up 39 pints of salsa in a day, with help from my father in law and my mom, since it was so well received last year. We had fun but boy did my back scream at me that evening. I've made my regular freezer jams and canned a few syrups....really proud of how the Huckleberry Syrup turned out, and put up 48 pint jars of Bartlett pears, C's favorite.

I've been challenged by a few new things to can this year, it was my first time putting up 17 pints and 4 quarts of chopped tomatoes and then approx 14 - 1/2 pints of zucchini relish (half made with jalapenos). I truly enjoyed canning that with my mom! Her and dad used to make it with some friends of the familys when I was a kid...and boy did I remember that smell when we cooked it up before putting it in jars!! Yum yum. (I don't remember liking it as a child and the phrase "more for me" from my mother rings in my ears at the moment). But I like it now and tonight I'm busting out more relish...although this time it's going to be regular sweet pickle relish, which is also new for me. Making cranberry sauce and canning it up is next, gotta use the crans that are in the freezer, then possibly head to Long Beach for more.

All in all this has been a busy month! The canning, having my car repaired after someone backed into it and C starting Kindergarten. Then this week he also lost his second tooth and my chickens started laying eggs. It's been busy but oh so fun and adventurous!

I'm enjoying my all has it's tribulations and there are times when devastating news reaches us....we pray...we hope, and keep those loved ones in our prayers. We think positive thoughts for a wonderfully positive outcome!! There is always hope...and love prevails.