Thursday, March 18, 2010

Wow, starting a business......

is hard work! Yet I know that this will work out and be so rewarding. Nothing is written in stone, yet, but I will be obtaining a business license for my photography work. And if all goes as planned a friend will be partnering with me in this endeavor! We are both so excited!!

A few weeks ago I did a shoot with some western props. It was fun and good experience I think, it also drew in a few potential clients for purchasing said photos. It also may have generated clients for future photo shoots. Ahhh, it's all happening so fast!!

Needless to say I don't want any of this to turn into grudge work for me, so I'm going to try and take it easy, go with the flow and just enjoy it all. There is so much to learn so I'm hitting the books! - a work in progress!!!!