Thursday, March 19, 2009


Look at that! Piper really can be a sweetie when she wants. But take note, no one is touching her and she's lying down. C took this photo of her earlier today and was impressed with himself. I thought it was pretty good too, so decided to post it here.

I also thought it was an opportunity to point out that she has two incredible sides. Mean and witchy and sweet and semi-lovable. BUT knowing our cat as well has I do I can almost read her mind in this photo: "Get that camera out of my face kid. And if that flash goes off one more time I'll not be held responsible for what happens to you."

Ah the life of a cat!

Monday, March 9, 2009

Nobody owns a cat....

So, any of you who know our cat will appreciate this picture. This is Piper, she's 7 years old be kind in a word, cranky. Man is that putting it mildly.

She is an "on my terms only" kind of cat. Although we understand that nobody actually owns a cat (they run the house) we do say she is ours. BUT only when she wants to be.

Frequently people come to visit and if they have never met her before they think she is a beautiful specimen. We are very quick with our warnings, "Don't pet her, she bites and scratches so be careful".

She'll only allow herself to be petted when it suites her. Not when she's napping, which is most of the time. Many friends and relatives think it's okay to pick on her. She lets them know most of the time that this is not the best idea in the world. Even innocent bystanders have been put in their place.

But when she wants attention she is absolutely SHAMELESS!

C loves getting out this makeshift toy and playing with Piper. She immediately heads for the stairs. And this is what we get:

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Because he can...

First I must start this by explaining that I really, really hate mopping. I'd rather scrub a toilet if that tells you anything. Which I did plenty of after the flu bug reared it's ugly head in our home.

That being said, C has recently taken to volunteering to mop for me. Don't ask me why, and before you berate me for taking advantage of him let me say that I do explain to him that he doesn't have to help me do house work. He wants to! Why? Because he can (and "Then you don't have so much work to do Mom".) Enough said.

I don't look gift horses in the mouth!! I take him up on it whenever he offers. Too soon the little man will be a towering, hormone raging teen that will hide out in his room and probably refuse to clean anything. But until then he did this for me this morning:

Aren't I the lucky mom!! (No he's not for rent.)