Thursday, July 15, 2010

Life is like a pot of spaghetti....

...full of squiggly noodles and splatters!! But I roll with it and have fun! The weather around here had finally cleared and gotten sunny....we had a pretty good heat wave for a while but that slowed down this week so it just feels like typical July weather...NICE.

I took some time a few weeks ago and made it to a friends house to take some photos for her. We had a great time! The horses we ready to be worked, the cowgirls were ready to work them and I was ready to click away with my camera...captured some pretty go moments I think! You can go here to see what I took: Pepper-Miller-Photography-(PMP) but here is a sample of one of my favorites

Now that was just a down right great my opinion anyway LOL! We also discovered that beer tastes mighty refreshing when paired with eating cherries...mmmm, wanting some right now!

So as I now sit here in my kitchen, waiting for the man of the house to walk in the door I'm simmering a pot of spaghetti reflecting on good changes in my life. Praying for family and friends with any struggles and hoping that you my dear reader have a wonderful weekend!