Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Wow, you'd think with all this time one my hands...

I'd be better about blogging. Fact is I'm not. Hoping to change that. Busy fall and winter and heading in to spring. At least it feels like we are, which will throw all of us off track. Bright warm sunshine is teasing us again this week and I think most of us are loving it!!

C's just getting over another bout of bronchial pneumonia, also known as walking pnuemonia. Can't stand that this has happened to him twice this year...but there you have it.

Anxious for the better weather to get here so I can go out and take more photos. I've been spending some spare time working on creating greeting cards. It's very fun and so far I have one lady who I make them for upon request, but since I've had to raise the price I'm not sure she'll still be interested. Here's hoping.

C creates cards with me sometimes, really seems to enjoy it too. He's got an artistic side, but says now that he doesn't like to draw. I tell ya, dealing with the ups and downs in attitude of a 6 year old are very trying at times. Thank goodness we have a boy and not a girl, not sure I could deal with the monthly fluctuations in mood.

So, I'm off to cook dinner. Elk steak, steamed broccoli and a salad. Lots of yummy veggies for us, healthy life here we come!!